Electronic Entomology



If you have any questions or would like to know more about electronic bugs or if you want to connect with me, please contact Lucas Yasunaga at


Donations are always appreciated. Your support will contribute to the longevity and experimentations of artistic research of electronic beings.

bug submission

If you wou like to submit your bugs, please email me with some informations like,

  1. your name (nickname is ok)
  2. bug's name
  3. some descriptions
  4. location
  5. images
  6. schimatics (optional)
  7. catedorizations (optional)
  8. video embed link (optional)
  9. audio file (optional)
  10. any other special charactoristics


solar stuff

  • solarbotics.net
    resourcefull BEAM robotic site. Many motor based solar circuits are documented.

    Informative and indepth article on using 74HC14 schmitt trigger inverter from Colin Mitchell

  • Handmade Electronic Music
    Great chapter on making oscilators with 74HC14 and more by Nicholas Colins