Electronic Entomology


Electronic entomology is a study of miniature psychology to access dynamic movement of the world.

This is an ongoing research and evolutional archival project that looks close to the nuances of behaviors and characteristics of electronic insects. They are satellite senses that help us imagine an invisible energy flow of the world.

The project was inspired by building a solar sounder circuit I came across by Ralf Schreiber in 2013. Mesmerized by the variation in the voice and behavior that can be created, I started to study the circuits and iterate on the designs. This is a platform to expand my thoughts, and experience thinking through these beings.

It is a bird-watching and it is a lure making. Like lure making it is a craft to making a tool to interface with something far away. And like birdwatching, it is an observational study of these beings.

They are an electronic cohabitant of our living space.

They sing and wiggle to the sun. We dwell together. Adjusting the rhythm of my breathing to the chirps. Being woken up by clicks. Sentimental singing to the sunset. A small photodiode or solar cells are the energy harvesting organ. They have a heart that keeps their time. Shaping a wave of flow of electrons in their body. The topology of organs renders their personalities.

Through the development of different organs, construction techniques, and body materials, classifications of these being are witnessed. The evolutionary process is not prompted by survival but new ways of seeing the world.




このプロジェクトは2013年に Ralf Schreiberの solar sounder を作ってみたことから始まった。作ることのできる鳴き声と人格の種類に驚かされ回路の研究をはじめ新しいデザインを作り始めた。この研究は私の考え方を広げる空間であり、電子昆虫を通しての考え方を経験する場である。

これはバードウォッチングであり、ルアー作りである。ルアー作りのような、手の届かない物と繋がるための道具を作る手工業、バードウォッチングのような, 生態の観察である。