Electronic Entomology

New Year, effort for probable


I have realized something today as I climbed up the hill on the way to the Druid Hill Park. Sliver of blood orange was peeking from the sky that was mostly covered in dense cloud. I have not seen a sunrise directly for few years on a new year day because the weather has been cloudy. I was hoping I would this year as the sliver of the sky start to turn yellow. I saw the forecast and it said it will be mostly cloudy, so I debated whether I should spend time getting to the reservoir.

What I realized was that the effort of getting up, making some tea to bring and going to a place to wait for a sunrise is important whether I will actually able to see the sunrise or not. It is probable if I let myself be there but it is not probable if I wasn’t there in the first place. Doing something because I might get somewhere, or think of something new, or encounter some beautiful things. But if I let myself stop because it might not happen, probability is zero.

As the sliver of sky started to grow horizontally, it expanded to the horizon on the east side. Within a minute, the clouds start to turn pink, catching a sun form a place yet I can not see. In a moment later, a tiny dot of light burst out of the roof of the building distance away quietly. It grows and grows as I on the earth turn towards it. What a moment that visualize the speed of turn of the earth and allows me to feel the time passing, seconds to years.

Seeing a sunrise has been my family tradition since I was growing up. My family would go climb Mutsugatake mountain bringing some tea. I remember arriving on the top of the mountain when the sky is getting yellow, there were so many people already waiting for the moment chatting eating drinking tea. What a strange creature we are who go though a trouble to gather on top of the mountain to see a sun rises just like it does every day. But this makes our lives special and make us realize that this beautiful encounter is worth seeking out for. The moments that reorient our prospective and revitalize beauty and ephemeral quality of our experiences.

sunrise2 sunrise3