Electronic Entomology


symbol for piezo symbol for schmitt symbol for twitter symbol for curlyhair

Name: orchid_0
Family: symbol for piezopiezo
Species: symbol for schmittschmitt
Traits: symbol for twittertwitter
Style: symbol for curlyhaircurlyhair
Habitat: mild to full sun
Birth: 2017 Baltimore MD
Resident: Baltimore MD

Orchid_0 tweets in intervals. It waits around slowly clicking and tweets. Lower the light it gets longer it waits to tweet and longer it sings per intervals. Calls are different from time to time. Using uncut components and soldering them on a hoops makes curly hoops like an orchid pedals.

There are two components to this circuit. One is a pulse generator and the other is for the voice.



Schimatic of orchid_0