Electronic Entomology


symbol for transient symbol for schmitt symbol for tapper symbol for bonsai symbol for parasitic

Name: buggedmouse
Family: symbol for transienttransient
Species: symbol for schmittschmitt
Traits: symbol for tappertapper
Group: symbol for parasiticparasitic
Style: symbol for bonsaibonsai
Birth: 2021 New Haven

This is a special case of a bug infesting the functioning computer mouse. Buggedmouse is the name of the unit which is a functioning mouse that scrolls to a direction and clicks around on it's own timing. There is a growth that shares a power from the original PCB board of the mouse circuit and the tentacles latche onto the optical sensor and the mechanical switch for the clicks via transistors. Buggedmouse was a part of an installation piece where it scrolled and click around the website endlessly.

Photograph of buggedmouse

There is a main bug circuit that is based on the other solar chirper circuits whcihc creates the rythms in it's body. Then output from the bug attatches to the either side of optical sensor unit with a transistror that is now triggered with the rythm of pulses of the mixed oscilators resulting in a scroll motion to the up and down eratically. Separate oscilator is in charge of clicking.