Electronic Entomology


symbol for piezo symbol for schmitt symbol for cicada symbol for bonsai

Name: motorito_chase
Family: symbol for piezopiezo
Species: symbol for schmittschmitt
Traits: symbol for cicadacicada
Style: symbol for bonsaibonsai
Habitat: around cat
Resident: Chicago, IL

Motorito_chase reside in Chicago. Gentle rusler and clicker. Motorito_chase posesses two trimmers to be tuned to the new environment. The host has made a custom made case for it to be transported from Baltimore. Chase the cat is curious about the sound Motorito_chase makes.

Photograph of motorito_chase
Photograph of motorito_chase

Feeling the soft well broken in suspension
Yellow artificial night suns passes 
Roll around this strange landscape  - ruin - curious windows - steel plates - blue white light of an drive through
large cup of ice waters
roads I know starts to connect
image of this place chnages
dreaming of another planet
song I don't recognise but know how it goes

we drive to the roads that we know and once took 
to see if they are still there
to make sure the time is passing 
forgetting what I was going to say