Electronic Entomology


symbol for piezo symbol for schmitt symbol for magnetic symbol for gregarious_swarm symbol for surface

Name: kuttsukimushi
Family: symbol for piezopiezo
Species: symbol for schmittschmitt
Traits: symbol for magneticmagnetic
Group: symbol for gregarious_swarmgregarious_swarm symbol for surfacesurface
Habitat: sunny and on steel
Birth: 2022 New Haven CT
Resident: Varies

Kuttsukimushi - くっつき虫 - meaning "sticky bug" is the bug that was designed to exist as a swarm. Circuit is designed on a PCB (printed circuit board) in a tile of 5 x 5 for mass production. There are 441 of them as of 3/25/2022 and this specie possess on each of their body, small earth magnet which affords them to perch on any steel objects.

くっつき虫 was a part of the installation called "the stay". They have been gifted or have been landing to steel objects and architectural elements of various cities such as, New Haven, Berlin, New York, Fukuoka, Marce, Tokyo etc.

Schematic coming soon

Photograph of kuttsukimushi2

Audio of entire swarm

Photograph of kuttsukimushi2