Electronic Entomology


symbol for piezo symbol for schmitt symbol for projector symbol for bonsai symbol for wind

Name: furin_gate
Family: symbol for piezopiezo
Species: symbol for schmittschmitt
Traits: symbol for projectorprojector
Group: symbol for windwind
Style: symbol for bonsaibonsai
Habitat: mild to full sun
Birth: 2019 Baltimore MD
Resident: Baltimore MD

Furin is a glass wind chime that is a seasonal charm of summer. The construction of wind sensing organ is called a pendulum switch. Conductive thread is suspending projector organ and the conductive thread goes through the hole of copper wire. When the wind moves the projector organ and conductive thread touches the copper wire, it with generate a sound. This construction method resemble furin form.

furin_gate can react to the very subtle movement of the air. The wind coming into the room and even when you walk in from of it. It is a first of this kind that can react to the sun and the air.



Schimatic of furin_gate