Electronic Entomology


symbol for piezo symbol for schmitt symbol for granular symbol for fabulous

Name: bluewhale
Family: symbol for piezopiezo
Species: symbol for schmittschmitt
Traits: symbol for granulargranular
Style: symbol for fabulousfabulous
Habitat: mild to full sun
Birth: 2015 Baltimore MD
Resident: Baltimore MD

Bluewhale is one of the earlier bugs that is an important node for many others. It was born on a sunny late afternoon where the sun was just about to hide behind the rowhouse across the street. Arrangement of organs was realized as if it knew what it had to be. The unpredictable and beautiful textural voice was heard in a product of fortuity.

Bluewhale sings in granular voice. It is also slightly irregular in its rhythm, and it is a first of this kind. It sings "jii ....jii....jii...." slowly in the low light and sounds like water or bubble or some sort of particulate popping or bousing around when it gets full sunlight.

There are two oscillators mixing. The output of one oscillator feeds into the other with diode and capacitor in parallel. This configuration of the diode and capacitor seems to produce somewhat randomized clicks and chirps. Tribute to this, the method of mixing oscillator with a diode and capacitor is called bluewhele mixing.



Schimatic of bluewhale